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Subjex Word Engine uses an artificial intelligence Page Reader system to determine what web pages are about. Subjex Page Reader {SPR} is designed to produce a human level understanding of the 20 most important word concepts of any read page. SPR will note - but not "crawl" the links on your web page. Therefore SPR will only read the one page submitted here, and will only look at your other pages if a Subjex user's research merits further page reads. Why? Because link relationships often have nothing what-so-ever to do with page content. There is no greater mistake a Search Engine can make than to determine a page's relevancy and rank from its link relationships. Accurate relevancy is about what can be read in the page itself. Further, if anything outside of the page should influence relevancy and ranking, it should be the page usage by the search community and/or the owner's involvement in the growth of that community. Subjex is the first search tool to make a top ranking achievable by everyone. How? Read: Top Ranking the Subjex Word Engine.

In addition to your page URL we also ask for your email address. Why? After SPR reads your web page it will email you with a 20 word result list. This is the same list that will be used by the Subjex Word Engine and dynamically matched with our users' activity. If this information isn't important to you, then please leave the email field blank - and submit - no information will be emailed.

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